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Fall/winter styling secrets you'll want to keep to yourself

Posted by Mandy Gleason on
Fall/winter styling secrets you'll want to keep to yourself

Isn't it nutty that we're coming up on the fourth quarter of the year already? For us business owners, that means the scramble is on to get ready for the holidays - shoring up inventory, perfecting packaging, and, of course, snapping ooooodles of photos to show off our creations. So let's talk about that last part, shall we?

And since we all have a different product niche, I tried to include something in here for nearly everyone - whether your photo jam is beauty, lifestyle flat lay, food, jewelry, or something else entirely. For tips geared more toward wedding detail and reseller styling, click here.

And for the record, just because a photo isn't the same as what you photograph (i.e. the photo features jewelry but you're an oil guru), doesn't mean the advice can't be modified to suit your brand. It 110% CAN! If you're feeling extra inspired, all of the backdrops featured here are Replica Surfaces (naturally), so click the photos to learn more about each one.

Now let's get that creative genius flowing!


Beautiful, simply.

When styling beauty and product photos, simplicity is the key to keeping all eyes on the star of your shot. Yes, I said simply. Isn’t that a RELIEF? To my eye, no props are prettier than in-season fruit and a sprig of fresh greenery.

But that whole fruit needs to slow (stop) its roll! To stop fruit from rolling, cut the rounded bottom off. It only took a thin slice off of the base of these oranges to make them stay right where we wanted them, at this elegant angle.

Trying to stop other rounded props from rolling? A dab of blue sticky putty (yep, that stuff from second grade) will do the trick! And this pretty pop of green? Fresh mint, of course! Finish the look with the White Marble and All-White Replica Surfaces.


Go beyond the pour.

replica surfaces slate photo tips backdrops background

Pouring liquids into your scene is a technique I’ll love until my scrolling thumbs can scroll no more! If you want to go beyond the pour, though, I’ve got your next technique right here. And since I can’t think of a name as good as “the pour” let’s call it “the stretch” (email me if you have a better name!)

Pretty much the opposite of the pour, the stretch is created by drizzling delicious goo onto your creation off camera, touching your finger to the surface to coat it, then raising your finger a few inches while keeping that beautiful goo string intact!


Give the maker a hand.

cement replica surfaces jewelry styling photo tips

Add a personal touch to your photos. Literally. When shooting small items like jewelry, oils, or small products, try holding them in your palm (or a friend’s) and placing the hand in front of your favorite backdrop. Your hand creates a frame for your items while the backdrop (this is the Cement Replica Surface) lends texture.


(Flat) lay on the motivation.

Replica Surfaces Beechwood styling tips background backdrop surface

Not a scroll goes by that I don’t see a couple inspirational quotes whiz by on my Instagram feed. Most are beautifully styled graphics created in Word Swag or a similar text styling app. It’s when I catch a glimpse of a MANUALLY styled message, though, that I really stop my scroll. What do I mean by that? No graphic design, just flay lay. AKA quotes spelled out on a letter board, an open book page, or *gasp* a message printed out on actual paper and surrounded by related props! 

Yep, it definitely takes more time to create and capture the photo than to apply text in an app, but knowing that the photog went the extra mile to showcase their message really makes me take notice and double tap.

To create your own styled quote, grab a few simple desk props and place them around your message like we did here. Want to share a page from a cookbook? Choose kitchen props, of course! Create this light and natural look with the Beechwood Replica Surface.


What do you think of my little secrets? Comment and let your girl know!


Photos used with permission from photo gurus @shopwildbloomstudio and @beatboxportraits

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  • Randi (@kasandklostyle) on

    I LOVE this site, your ideas, the presentation and the fresh look of it all. I’m getting ready to order now and I can’t WAIT to have my first shoot!!

  • MAureen on

    LOVE your ideas!

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