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Jewelry maker gains time with family while business thrives

Jewelry maker gains time with family while business thrives

I’ve gotten back so much time since using Replica Surfaces, which means I can enjoy the fleeting early years with my kids while actually growing my business. I’ve signed multiple consignment and wholesale contracts since I started using them!

Alexis Underwood | Puyallup WA

Founder + owner, Verity & Co Designs handmade jewelry, and Sip and Stamp jewelry-making classes. Mama to two tiny humans and more than a few plants.

Tell me three things about yourself...


Hippie, health conscious mama to two kids under two. 


I'm obsessed with half caf coffee, the mountains here in the Pacific Northwest, and doing all things creative.


My favorite part of jewelry-making is all of the hands on work I get to do: sanding, braiding, gardening and keeping my plants happy between events (I use them on my display).

What made you try Replica Surfaces?

I was getting frustrated with roll up paper photography backdrops from Amazon and was putting off photographing anything for my business because of it. 

Wrestling low quality, wrinkly backdrops and attempting DIY ones was just too much for me in this stage of my life and business. I decided to try Replica Surfaces after seeing an ad that showed how convenient and easy they make it to take professional-looking photos.

What do you like best about your Surface(s)?

The convenience and ease they've brought to my business when it comes to creating, styling, and capturing high quality images! They’re quick and easy to use, and make taking consistent photos effortless. I'm able to style my images, capture a jewelry collection, and get back to life with my kids and family without wasting time or becoming frustrated in the process. 

I’ve gotten back so much time since starting to use my Surfaces, which means I can enjoy the fleeting early years with my kids without compromising my business. 

How did Replica Surfaces play a role in your success?

Since starting to use Replica Surfaces, I've seen significant changes in my business in several areas. The convenience and ease of photographing has improved significantly, reducing my time spent on photos. With the extra time, I’ve been able to be more present with my kids, giving them my full and undivided attention. 

On the business side of things, I recently signed multiple consignment and wholesale contracts, had numerous local facilities and eateries connect with me regarding teaching classes, and was just accepted into an incredibly competitive farmer's market! I credit a lot of this growth to my Replica Surfaces since the majority of my marketing is through visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Here's a little behind-the-scenes. Glamorous, I know!

Find Verity & Co Designs on Instagram @verityandcodesigns or

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Does All-White have a place in your Surface collection?

For an incredibly fresh, minimalist look, All-White is your go-to Surface. No texture or design, just the perfect white. 

With the help of Replica Stands, All-White instantly becomes a stain-resistant "wall" or "table." Pair it with your favorite "textured" Surface to keep all eyes on your subject.


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