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Food and beverage photographer lands first magazine cover

Food and beverage photographer lands first magazine cover

My Slate Replica Surface helped me land my first magazine cover. Now I’m an ongoing contributing photographer for the magazine and have several potential clients in the pipeline.

Miranda Hodge | Oklahoma City OK

Freelance food + beverage photographer, The Bevographer. Expertise in meat aeronautics (keep reading and I'll explain)

Tell me three things about yourself...


I’m a bartender/barista turned marketer who decided to put my previous wedding photography experience to good use. 


After creating content for a national ice cream cone brand, I fell in love with food photography and decided to create a niche for myself in cocktails. 


I met my husband and found my dogs through Instagram. Clearly I'm a fan of the platform!

What made you try Replica Surfaces?

I needed backdrops that looked real, were light enough to add to my on-site kit, and durable enough to withstand bar and kitchen setups. I need to be able to carry my kit in one go, especially when I work on magazine shoots. 

The Creative Director at 405 Magazine approached me with the idea of a conceptual shot for their steak issue. They wanted more than just a steak on a plate. 

I decided to go ahead and order a few Replica Surfaces so that I could get both a standard shot and a shot of the steak being dropped from above. Having the Surfaces made me look professional and ready to go, even though I was still suffering from "imposter syndrome." PS: The shot ended up making the cover of the magazine!

What do you like best about your Surface(s)?

I love how easy they are to transport. I got a cheap art canvas bag and can sling it over my shoulder with my camera bag. My Surfaces are easy to set up at any client's restaurant because of their portable size. Plus I can use the All-White or White Marble as a bounce card without needing to hold it or c-clamp it to a table. Most importantly, they help me land clients!

How did Replica Surfaces play a role in your success?

Without Replica Surfaces, I wouldn’t have been able to do the steak cover shot. Don't get me wrong, I would have been able to get a perfectly decent shot of the meat, but the ability to drop the steak in front of the Slate Surface gave it that extra pop. 

Because of that photoshoot, I'm now an ongoing contributing photographer for 405 Magazine and have several potential clients in the pipeline. And it’s only been a month since the issue came out!

Find Miranda on Instagram @bevographer or

Have your own Replica success story? To be considered for a feature like this, pop an email to containing your answers to these four questions, a photo of you, and at least four photos that represent your success (and contain your Surfaces, of course).

Does Slate have a place in your Surface collection?

The deepest and darkest Replica Surface yet, Slate helps you create killer contrast between your scene and your backdrop.

Pair Slate with a light-colored Surface like Shiplap or All-White for a color-blocking effect, or combine it with Concrete or Weathered Wood for an overall dark look.


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