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How to setup and care for your Replica Surfaces

How to setup and care for your Replica Surfaces

Setting up your Surfaces

With Replica Stands you can easily combine any two Surfaces to create an L-shaped setup. Click through for examples of each step.


Select one Surface to be the horizontal “table” and another to be the vertical “wall.” Place the horizontal Surface onto the table or floor you’ll be shooting on.

Step 2

Press Stands onto each side of the horizontal Surface and slide Stands into the position shown above.

Step 3

Slide the vertical Surface into the upright arms of the Stands so that the vertical Surface sits behind the horizontal Surface. The edge of the vertical Surface should rest on the table or floor, not on top of the horizontal Surface.

Correct Stand positioning. The vertical Surface will slide behind the horizontal Surface and rest on the table.

Incorrect Stand positioning. The vertical Surface will rest on top on the horizontal Surface. This position can cause a gap (as shown below). Slide Stands backward then slide your vertical Surface downward and into place.

If you're seeing a gap...

Typically, a gap is created when either: 

1. The vertical Surface is placed on top of the horizontal Surface rather than behind it (see above photos). Adjust Stands so that the vertical Surface slides behind the horizontal Surface and rests on the table or floor.

2. The Stands are placed on too tightly, causing the vertical Surface to bow slightly. Loosening the Stands a little may help.

If your Stands feel tight...

Your Stands may feel tight at first (this is on purpose for optimal grip) but should loosen with their first use. To open them up, press both Stands onto the side of a Surface and let them sit there for a minute or two. That's all it takes! Your Stands should press on easily the next time you use them.

Still having trouble assembling your Surfaces? Pop an email to and we'll figure it out together!



All Surfaces are made of a rigid, three-layer material that will stand up to normal styling and transportation. To protect the finish when styling, we recommend lifting and moving props (rather than dragging them). Use extra care when using props that are heavy, pointed, or have rough undersides (like some plates and cake stands do). Your photos will thank you!


Replica Surfaces are VERY resistant to stains from food and drink so go ahead and get messy!

Avoid contact with non-food substances (e.g. paint, dye, etc) since these may stain or damage the finish of your Surface. If you want to drizzle highly-pigmented foods (e.g. turmeric, matcha, or hot sauce) or any non-foods (e.g. lotions, oils, and other beauty products) onto your Surface, we always recommend testing them on the backside of your Surface first to make sure they don't stain.

To clean mild messes, wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel and dry promptly after each use. For bigger or more pigmented messes, we recommend cleaning with one of these approved cleaners: 

  • 409 Multi-Surface Cleaner (we ran out of it right before creating this page, hence the photoshopped photo)
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner

These three cleaners have been rigorously tested and are proven to be Surface-safe.

If your Surface doesn’t wipe clean immediately, spray with cleaner again and let stand 3-5 minutes before wiping. Repeat until the Surface wipes completely clean.

The following cleaners are NOT Surface-safe, so don't even try it!

  • Magic Eraser
  • wipes of any kind (including Clorox, Lysol, and Mr. Clean)
  • anything containing bleach
  • window cleaner (including Windex)
  • baby wipes
  • white vinegar
  • dish soap
  • Goo Gone
  • scrubbing pad/sponge

If you want to use a cleaner that isn't on either of these lists, we strongly recommend testing it on the backside of your Surface first to make sure it’s Surface-safe.

Unfortunately, we can't accept returns if you do end up staining your Surface or damaging the finish with an unapproved cleaner. Please see our return/exchange policy for more details.

A note about heat...

Avoid placing hot objects directly on your Surfaces. Always use a pot holder or trivet, or allow item to reach room temperature before contacting your Surface.

Surfaces left in hot environments for extended periods of time (ie. direct sunlight or a hot car) are at risk of warping. Be kind to your Surfaces and take them inside with you on hot days, just like you would with your camera. If you're shooting outside, shoot in a shaded area and take extra care with darker Surfaces as these attract more light and heat. Your photos will look better in the shade anyway!


To best protect your Surfaces, store Surfaces at room temperature and in the thick foam sleeves they arrive in.


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