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Holiday food photography techniques you can use year round

Posted by Mandy Gleason on
Holiday food photography techniques you can use year round

The holidays and food (and food photos) are completely intertwined. Crush your holiday food photos with killer styling techniques like dripless ice cream, the perfect coffee pour, frosted berries, and more. Use them year round by subbing cookies for candy canes, cherries for cranberries, get the picture! Click each photo to see more the Surface featured in it.


Dripless ice cream. Yep. Dripless.

Replica Surfaces Weathered Wood food photography backdrop

Create no-melt “ice cream” by mixing one tub of white frosting with three cups white icing sugar. Food coloring is optional. Add extra sugar as needed until you’re loving the texture. Scoop into a bowl or cone and you’re ready to shoot! Use year round by swapping in props that suit the season.


Sugar, dun duh dun duh, oh honey honey.

Replica Surfaces Rose Marble food photography backdrop

Honeys, this sweet sugar-rim can be yours too! To get the look, partially cover your plate with another circular object (it’ll act like a stencil) and sprinkle powdered sugar on the exposed crescent. Carefully place your sugared plate on your favorite Surface and style away!


Stack it up.

Replica Surfaces Concrete food photography backdrop

Replica Surfaces Concrete food photography backdrop

Create a sky-high stack of deliciousness that’ll never topple again! Simply poke wooden skewers or toothpicks down the center of your stack to hold all the goodness in place! Add one more on top to hide the skewer(s) and keep the top of the highest item hole-free. Then drizzle away! Try this with brownies, chocolate cups, bagels, donuts, and anything poke-able.


Pour yourself a cup.

Replica Surfaces White Marble food photography backdrop 

To add cream to the perfect cup of coffee, skip the coffee and fill a glass cup with liquid smoke (a smoky flavored liquid used in barbecue) instead. Place your camera on a tripod, set the self timer, and pour that cream into the glass! Find liquid smoke in the condiment aisle of most grocery stores. I got mine for $1.49.


Layer it on.

Replica Surfaces Weathered Wood food photography backdrop

Layer kitchen towels, cooling racks, and serving trays to create the feeling of serving a meal. It doesn’t even have to make sense to look good. I mean, who actually places a tray on a cooling rack?

Bonus points for using your self timer (or enlisting a friend) to include your hands in the shot. Extra bonus points for using an on-trend gold cooling rack. Don’t have one? Grab a black or silver one from the dollar store and spray paint it gold! Just don’t eat anything off of it after you paint it - it’s exclusively for styling now.


Wet 'n Wild.

Replica Surfaces Rose Marble food photography backdrop

No, not the 90s makeup brand (but if you know what I’m talking about we’re both officially old)! Get this so fresh and so clean look using a tripod and the self timer on your camera. Alternatively, have a friend pour a pitcher of water off camera.

When summer comes, use berries or other produce rather than cranberries. Whatever you do, DON’T try this with real wood or paper backdrops! Stick to your water-resistant Replica Surfaces ;) <— semi-colon winks, anyone?


Let's go kick some ice.

Replica Surfaces White Marble food photography backdrop

Frosted berries are almost as awesome as old Batman movies (did you catch the Mr. Freeze reference?) To create your own, just spread berries out on a plate in a single layer and place in the freezer for 30 minutes before styling. Blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries all look great with a little frosting.


Which of these techniques will YOU try? Comment below and let a girl know!

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Photo credit @beatboxportraits

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  • Kelly on

    Ohhh man!!! These are great tips-the liquid smoke is a great idea!! But then so is the drip less ice cream!!

  • Becki O'Brien on

    These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah on

    Great ideas here, thank you for the tips!

  • Kimberly on

    These tips are great!!! Thank you!

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