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    Surfaces + Stands + Studio

  • What are Replica Surfaces?

    Replica Surfaces are the original and premiere rigid Surface for in-home and studio photography of food, products, and anything you create.

    Every Surface is thoughtfully designed by Replica founder, Mandy Gleason, to showcase what YOU create. Surfaces are a mix of classic, on-trend, and trend-setting, and are designed to be mixed and matched to suit your unique style.

    Pair any two Surfaces together (including our reflective Gloss Surfaces) to create a wall/table effect using either Replica Stands or the Replica Studio (more on those below). The rigidity of Replica Surfaces means they lay flat (no wrinkling, creasing, or rolling). 

    The specs: every Surface is made of rigid-yet-lightweight tri-layer plastic. They’re glare-resistant and remarkably stain-resistant. Every Surface is 23 x 23 inches square, which is proven to be the optimal size for in-home or studio photography - large yet easily storable/transportable.

    Speaking of transportable, the Replica Carrying Case is our custom shoulder-to-backpack transport solution if you travel on-site with your Surfaces. It’s ridiculously protective and roomy.

    If you’re thinking Replica Surfaces sound like backdrops, we get it - they do! If you have 2 minutes, keep reading and we’ll show you why Surfaces are are MUCH more than backdrops.

  • Why should I choose Replica Surfaces? What makes them the best way to photograph what I create?

    What a great question, thanks for asking! Let’s start with what Replica Surfaces aren't. Replica Surfaces aren’t backdrops. They’re a complete experience that helps you achieve your goals…as long as those goals involve taking gorgeous photos. 

    The experience starts with our products. Browse the catalog and you’ll see a curated collection of Surfaces designed personally by founder Mandy Gleason. Mandy is a business owner, product photographer, and photography educator who deeply understands what other business owners, creators, and photographers need in a Surface. The variety lets you mix and match to suit your brand and style. Plus, we release a brand new Limited Release Surface Collection every month so your photos and social media content can always stay fresh. As one Replica fan told us, “Limited Releases are the most exciting thing Replica does.”

    Using Replica Stands, you can hold any two Replica Surfaces to create a wall/table effect. You get free Stands when you bundle two or more Surfaces by the way. To make your in-home photo experience even easier, more efficient, and more fun, roll the mobile Replica Studio wherever the light is best. The Studio has all the features a home photographer needs (like wheels and height-adjustability) and the reviews are mind-blowing!

    But our products are just the start. To take photos you’re truly proud of, you may need a photography “coach”. That’s where our YouTube channel comes in. There, Mandy teaches you impressive-looking-yet-EASY-to-do photography techniques that work with your phone camera or DSLR camera - styling, lighting, shooting, and editing - it’s all there! And it’s all free, of course.

    If you enjoy Mandy’s teaching style but would prefer a more comprehensive, start-to-finish course, our Photo Formula Course gives you just that. It helps you enhance every step of your photoshoots so that by the end, you’ve created your own photoshoot “formula” you can physically hold in your hands and apply to every photoshoot going forward.

    So now you have the tools and the skills to take the photos that help you achieve your goals. What about friends and mentors? Come join our Facebook VIP Community! There you can share your photos, ask for styling or photo advice, and bond with over 12K other business owners, bloggers, and photographers of all skill levels. I know Facebook isn’t always the friendliest place, but this Community is the exception - there’s a good chance it’s THE mot supportive and inspiring group you’ve ever been a part of. We celebrate you, wherever you are in your photo journey. Plus, VIPs get early access to new Limited Release Surfaces and products AND Mandy hangs out there regularly so there’s a good chance you guys will meet. 

    *finally takes a deep breath* So yeah, Replica isn’t a backdrop. From the moment you build your bundle until you take your first photo, we’re committed to helping you make it happen. Whatever your “it” is.

  • What are Replica Stands?

    Replica Stands are custom-fit plastic Stands that help you create a "wall" and "table" effect by holding any two Replica Surfaces in an L-shape. No more propping backdrops against awkward objects!

    Get free Replica Stands when you order two or more Surfaces using our bundle tool. Click here to build the bundle that suits your style or brand.

    Stands are made of flexible plastic for supreme durability and grippiness. I'm not saying run them over with your car, but they should hold up against pretty much anything else!

    Seeing a gap between your Surfaces when using Stands? Click here to learn how to set up your Surfaces and make that gap disappear!

  • What is the Replica Studio and is it worth the investment?

    Replica Surfaces make your photos beautiful. The mobile Replica Studio makes your photo experience the easiest, most efficient, and most FUN it's ever been! As one Studio owner wrote in her review "It is RIDICULOUS how perfect this object is. It solves literally all my life's problems."

    The Studio was designed by Replica Founder, Mandy Gleason, after seeing the struggles Replica Community members were having with in-home photography: chasing the light, back pain from bending over, and dining room tables covered in props.

    The patent-pending Studio has wheels so you can roll it anywhere as the light changes. It's height-adjustable so you can raise it for eye level photos or lower it for flat lay. No more floor flat lays or bending over to shoot! The four smooth-glide corners also allow for THE quickest Surface changes you've ever experienced so you can quickly create tons of content. And that isn't even everything it can do!

    Click here to see everything it can do and read the mind-blowing reviews from Studio owners like Melissa J who said that "This product is AMAZING and worth every penny!...This product was carefully made with passion."

  • Will Replica Stands hold other non-Replica backdrops?

    Replica Stands are custom-fit to hold Replica Surfaces. The slots in Replica Stands cannot hold backdrops of a different size.

  • What's included when I order a Surface: one Surface or two?

    All Surfaces and Stands are sold separately so that you can mix and match them to suit and enhance your brand.

    If you want to create a two-Surface setup using Stands, you'll want to order two or more Surfaces using the bundle tool. For a limited time, the bundle tool will automatically add a set of free Stands to your order!

    Unfortunately, the website backend can't add free Stands to orders placed using the regular shopping cart so definitely use that bundle tool! Oh, technology!

  • Can I expect the colors to be exactly as I see them on my screen?

    Monitors and devices display colors differently. Actual Surface colors may vary from what you see on your screen. Try viewing on different devices with the screen brightness turned all the way up.

    And remember, lighting, camera settings, white balance, and editing change everything! Like with other backdrops, changing these variables may cause the coloring of your Surfaces to look different from the photos you see here. Luckily, I've got photography how-tos all about those things!

    If you have specific questions about Surface colors, pop us an email at 

  • Setup + Care

  • How should I setup and care for my Surfaces?

    Fabulous question! Click here for a guide full of photos and a little cheesy photoshop. For even easier and more fun setup, meet the Replica Studio here.

  • How should I clean my Surfaces?

    Replica Surfaces are VERY resistant to stains from food and drink so go ahead and get messy!

    For mild messes, wipe with a damp, room temperature cloth or paper towel and dry promptly after each use. For bigger or more pigmented messes, we recommend cleaning with one of these approved cleaners: 

    - 409 Multi-Surface Cleaner

    - Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

    - Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner

    These three cleaners have been rigorously tested and are proven to be Surface-safe.

    If your Surface doesn’t wipe clean immediately, spray with cleaner again and let stand 3-5 minutes before wiping. Repeat until the Surface wipes completely clean.

    Avoid contact with non-food substances (e.g. paint, dye, etc) since these may stain or damage the finish of your Surface. If you want to drizzle highly-pigmented foods or any non-foods (e.g. lotions, oils, and other beauty products) onto your Surface, we always recommend testing them on the backside of your Surface first.

    Same goes for any unapproved cleaner or wipe. We strongly recommend testing it on the backside of your Surface first to make sure it’s Surface-safe.

    Unfortunately, we can't accept returns if you do end up staining your Surface or damaging the finish with an unapproved cleaner. Please see our return/exchange policy for more details.

  • Can I place hot objects directly onto my Surfaces?

    Don't try this at home! Avoid placing hot objects directly on your Surfaces. Always use a pot holder or trivet, or allow item to reach room temperature before contacting your Surface.

  • Can I leave my Surfaces in direct sunlight or a hot car?

    Surfaces left in hot environments for extended periods of time (ie. direct sunlight or a hot car) are at risk of warping. Be kind to your Surfaces and take them inside with you on hot days, just like you would with your camera.

    If you're shooting outside, shoot in a shaded area and take extra care with darker Surfaces as these attract more light and heat. Your photos will look better in the shade anyway!

  • Storage

  • How should I store my Surfaces?

    To protect your Surfaces, store Surfaces at room temperature and in the foam sleeves they arrive in. For added style and protection, use Replica Sleeves. Replica Sleeves are made of sleek wetsuit material and can be found here.

    For more professional storage and transport, the Replica Carrying Case is custom-built to protect your Surfaces wherever your photo journey takes you.

    With modern and stylish design, the Replica Carrying Case carries you from home to on-site photoshoot, or just from your closet to your mini studio in the next room!

    Offering exceptional impact resistance, clever carrying straps, well-placed pockets, and five removable Surface storage sleeves, it's your custom storage and travel companion that looks great doing it.

    See all the Carrying Case photos and features here.

  • Shipping + Delivery

  • How will my order be shipped?

    US orders: Ship via FedEx ground with a typical shipping time of 1-3 business days within the contiguous US. Orders placed before noon CST usually ship same day, but please allow one additional business day for processing just to be safe. For HI, AK, and PR orders, please allow a few extra days ship time.

    During promotions such as Limited Releases, sales, and Black Friday, we usually experience a higher than normal order volume. Since every order is unique and hand-packed, please allow an additional few days processing during these times. 

    As always, please allow time for unforeseen shipping delays with FedEx.

    Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer overnight or expedited shipping at this time.

    A note on Studios: The Replica Studio ships in two boxes - one for the platform and one for the tripod base.

    International orders: Ship via our partner, Passport Shipping. Ship times vary by country. You will receive tracking and estimated delivery dates via email once your order is submitted.

  • Can I order if I live outside the United States?

    Yes, you sure can! We've partnered with Passport Shipping to provide international shipping.

    With this incredible service, you will be charged all shipping, taxes, and duties when you place your order and should NOT receive any surprise duties bills!

    Unfortunately, orders outside the contiguous US (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and all international orders) are ineligible for free shipping. You know how it is: large objects = higher shipping costs and we just can't make it free. The good news is you'll pay exactly what we pay to ship your order - not a penny more!

    International orders ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Please note: all orders shipped to addresses outside the US are final sale. We are unable to accept returns or exchanges on international orders.

  • Do you ship orders to the UK & EU?

    Yes, we ship to the UK & EU. To get your order to you, we've partnered with Passport Shipping and they will be the Seller for all orders to the UK for orders under £135 and orders to the EU for orders €150 and under.

  • Returns + Exchanges

  • What if I decide I don't want to keep my Surfaces? Can I send them back?

    Sure thing! We are able to accept returns/exchanges of Surfaces in most circumstances, as long as they're in original condition. Just make sure you check out our full return/exchange policy.

    Please note: only orders shipped to addresses within the US are eligible for return or exchange. All international orders are final sale and are ineligible for return or exchange.

  • Other Bits

  • Can I use Replica Surfaces to create and sell my own stock photos?

    Yes, as long as you modify our designs by adding props to your photo. It is not legal to sell a photograph of a blank Replica Surface as a stock photo.