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  • What are Replica Surfaces?

    Replica Surfaces are hyper-realistic, rigid photography backdrops that replicate real textures like marble, wood, cement, and more. Their rigid construction means they lay flat without wrinkling, creasing, or rolling.

  • Do they look real? How high resolution are we talking?

    All designs are 300 dpi at printed size of 23 x 23 inches. Go ahead. Get close.

  • What's the difference between Original and Oversized Surfaces?

    All Surfaces are ultra-thin and constructed of a rigid, three-layer material (NOT flimsy foam core). Original Surfaces measure 23 x 23 inches square. Oversized Surfaces measure 40 x 30 inches rectangular and are designed to accommodate videography and large-item photography. The rectangular shape of Oversized Surfaces allows you to achieve a 16:9 aspect ratio with room to spare.

    Replica Stands (more info on Stands below) are designed to hold two Original Surfaces in an L-shape. Replica Stands will NOT work with Oversized Surfaces due to their larger dimensions. An Oversized Surface CAN be used vertically, however, by leaning it against a wall or large object.

  • Can I expect the colors to be exactly as I see them on my screen?

    Since monitors and devices display colors differently, actual Surface colors may vary from what you see on your screen. Try viewing on different devices with the screen brightness turned all the way up.

    And remember, lighting changes everything. As with every backdrop, taking photos indoors versus outdoors (and in natural light versus artificial light) may cause the coloring of your Surfaces to look different from the photos you see here.

    Luckily, at under 2 lbs, you can move your Surfaces around in pursuit of the light you love. If you have specific questions about design colors, pop us an email at 

  • How should I clean my Surfaces?

    Our Surfaces are resistant to stains from water and food substances, but should be cleaned and dried promptly after use. Avoid contact with non-food substances (paint, dye, etc) since these may stain or damage the finish. Also when in doubt, test highly pigmented food and non-food substances on the logo side first.

    To preserve the finish of your Surfaces, we recommend cleaning with 409 brand kitchen cleaner or Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface everyday cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel.  Do not allow harsh substances such as dish soap, alcohol, or acetone to contact your Surface. If unsure, we recommend reading the ingredients since alcohol is found in multiple cleaners including baby wipes. If using any other cleaner or wipe, test it on the logo side first.

    Unfortunately, we can't accept returns if you do end up staining your Surface so definitely test all non-food substances and any highly-pigmented food substances on the logo side first. Please see our return/exchange policy for more details.

  • How resilient are Replica Surfaces?

    All Surfaces are made of a rigid, three-layer material (NOT flimsy foam core) that will stand up to normal use and transportation. When styling, lift and move props (rather than dragging them) so as not to scratch the Surface. Use extra care when using heavy, sharp, or pointed props.

    Unfortunately, we can't accept returns on Surfaces that are no longer in original condition. Please see our return/exchange policy for more details.

  • Can I place hot objects directly onto my Surfaces?

    Do not try this at home! During use, avoid placing anything hot on your Surfaces since this can damage the finish. Always use a pot holder or trivet, or allow item to reach room temperature before contacting your Surface.

  • Can I leave my Surfaces in direct sunlight or a hot car for extended periods of time?

    If your Surfaces are left in hot environments for extended periods of time (like your car in the summer) they can occasionally warp. Be kind to your Surfaces and take them inside with you on hot days. If you're shooting outside, shoot in a shaded area and be especially careful with darker Surfaces as these attract more light and heat. Your photos will look better for it too!  

  • Can I eat off of the Surfaces?

    While Surfaces are resistant to food stains, they aren’t food safe. Food that has directly contacted a Surface should not be eaten.

  • What are Replica Stands made from?

    Replica Stands are custom-fit to hold any two Replica Surfaces in an L-shape. No more propping backdrops against awkward objects. The Stand's cutout-corner design ensures Surfaces lie flush against each other without any unsightly gaps. Stands are made of flexible plastic for supreme durability and grippiness. I'm not saying run them over with your car, but they should hold up against pretty much anything else!

  • Will Replica Stands hold other non-Replica backdrops?

    Replica Stands are custom-fit to hold Replica Surfaces. The slots in Replica Stands cannot hold backdrops of a different size.

  • How will my order be shipped?

    Replica Surfaces ship via FedEx ground with a typical shipping time of 2-4 business days. Most orders placed before noon will go out same day. If you're in a jam, we also offer expedited shipping using the FedEx 2-day service. With either shipping method, please allow one additional business day for processing just to be safe.

  • Can I order if I live outside the United States?

    I'm sorry, but not at the moment.

    We are always working to find an economical way to ship worldwide, but just haven't found it yet. You know how it is: big package = pricey shipping. Make sure you're subscribed to emails so I can keep you posted on international shipping.

  • What happens if the package arrives damaged or goes missing?

    We have gone to GREAT lengths to protect your Surfaces during their journey to you. Unfortunately, shipping companies can sometimes be less than gentle (to put it mildly). If your Surfaces arrive damaged, please send us an email at and we will take care of you.

  • What if I decide I don't want to keep my Surfaces? Can I send them back?

    Sure thing! We are able to accept returns/exchanges of Surfaces in most circumstances, as long as they're in original condition. Just make sure you check out our full return/exchange policy.

  • Can I use Replica Surfaces to create and sell my own stock photos?

    Yes, as long as you modify our designs by adding props to your photo. It is not legal to sell a photograph of a blank Replica Surface as a stock photo.