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Food blogger achieves measurable growth in traffic and engagement

Food blogger achieves measurable growth in traffic and engagement

When I first began using Replica Surfaces and following Mandy's photography tips, I noticed an immediate increase in my social engagement and website traffic. Comments started to grow, my blog began to take shape, and I could trace the increase in traffic AND engagement to the improvements Replica Surfaces helped me make.

Adrian Sullivan | Columbus OH

Food blogger, recipe creator, and chef. Creator of Sulli's Kitchen, a blog devoted to everything Adrian loves: where to find the best steak in Columbus, the perfect cold-weather grilled cheese, and how to make the ultimate PB&J (hint: it involves crunchy peanut butter and double jelly).

Tell me three things about yourself...


Diversity & Inclusion Professional by day. Foodie, blogger and chef at all times. 


Mom started teaching me to cook at 11 so I wouldn’t be a picky eater (note to parents everywhere), and... also to prevent me from burning the house down trying to cook on my own!


If there’s anything I love more than food, it’s photography. I’ve been playing with cameras since I was a kid.

What made you try Replica Surfaces?

I needed something to brighten up my photos and help my food stand out. I knew my food was good, but I didn’t really have crisp surfaces for photos and that can really detract from a beautiful plate. I love photography and can light a shot well, but food photography is a whole different beast that I struggled with at the start. My Replica Surfaces helped tremendously, then Mandy started to give photography tips and I quickly saw how helpful they were. So not only did I now have surfaces that tied into the overall image I wanted to create, I also had someone in my ear saying "here’s how you maximize this investment in your work". 

This was critical for me, because I don’t edit my food photos beyond my lighting set up and cropping. I want people to see my images and know that if they make a recipe of mine, or visit a place I recommend, they are going to experience exactly what I did. It’s harder on me that way, but my Replica Surfaces give me an advantage and it’s clearly paying off. 

I started with two Surfaces, the Butcher's Block and the Subway Tile. My collection has since expanded to include Sandstone, limited release Dark Tile, limited release Cobalt Tile, and more.

What do you like best about your Surface(s)?

A lot! They are super easy to clean and they help me create images that draw the eye and hold viewers' attention. Even more so, they make a photo a piece of art. I believe that food is the original art form, but every great work needs the right display. RS is that for me. It’s like the perfectly chosen frame on my artistic expression.

How did Replica Surfaces play a role in your success?

When I first began using Replica Surfaces, I noticed an immediate increase in my social engagement. When I started following Mandy’s photography tips I saw an increase in visits to my website. Comments started to grow, my blog began to take shape and I could trace the increase in traffic AND engagement to the improvements Replica Surfaces helped me make. At first I thought it was temporary bump for a new blog, but it’s continued to be a big part of what’s fueled my growth and what my followers expect. 

And that’s led me back to keep growing my collection of Surfaces. Replica Surfaces help me set up my shots for success from the beginning and the versatility of my collection means I always have the right frame for my photo shoots. I can even change Surfaces on the fly in seconds if I need to. I’m celebrating a very successful 1st year of my blog and my Replica Surfaces have been with me all the way. I wouldn’t be in such a great place in just one year without Mandy and Replica Surfaces!

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Have your own Replica success story? To be considered for a feature like this, pop an email to containing your answers to these four questions, a photo of you, and at least four photos that represent your success (and contain your Surfaces, of course).

Does Subway Tile have a place in your Surface collection?

Crisp and clean, the tiles of Subway Tile can be oriented horizontally to create a backsplash or vertically for an ultra-luxury flat lay look that’s perfect for beauty, books, or clothing.

Use Replica Stands to pair Subway Tile with Butcher’s Block or White Marble to create a complete kitchen scene that will drop more than a few jaws.


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