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Lightroom editing basics for mobile + desktop

Lightroom editing basics for mobile + desktop

Editing is key to making your photos look their best. But it can be intimidating when you’re new to it! In this video, I’m walking you through exactly how to edit food and product photos using both the mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom, including where I place those little sliders and why.

Light adjustments, Color adjustments, how to combat uneven lighting across dark backdrops (which looks like glare in your final photos), and how to remove the blue tone from white objects/backdrops - we’re covering it all! I promise you'll hit the ground running after watching this, even if you've never opened Lightroom before.

Now that you've watched it once, I highly recommend importing your own photos into Lightroom and editing along while you watch a second time. Then pop over to the Replica Facebook VIP group and post your before and after photos. We all loooove a little before and after!

Comment below and let me know what you thought of the video. Hopefully "Highlights and Blacks to LEFT, the other four to the RIGHT" is stuck in your head now!


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