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Your ultimate photo resource: The Replica Facebook VIP Community

Your ultimate photo resource: The Replica Facebook VIP Community

Hello Beautifuls, (I can plural that, right?) welcome to Replica! Let me start off with a little disclaimer: Instagram is incredible. It's my home and favorite place to be. Well, second to my couch with husband on one shoulder and pup on the other. But at best the 'gram is a 1.5 way street: I talk, you comment, the end. We never really mix and mingle with EACH OTHER. And that's such a waste of talent.

So rather than just welcoming you to this site, I want to welcome you to the brand new Replica Facebook Community! If you haven't already dropped by, it's live and it is a LIVELY place to be.

I know you're part of enough Facebook communities already. Most of them had their moment and are now just hanging out in your profile as relics of past interests. The Replica Community is different. Think of it as a place for us to learn from (and lean on) each other.

Everything about running a business is hard. And, in my experience, photography and styling are some of the hardest of all. For the bloggers and food icons out there, photography is MOST of the battle. For you makers and sellers, it's probably the last thing you want to be doing ("ummm I got in this biz to create products, not photographs").

So let's make this photo thing happen TOGETHER! The Community is your place to phone a friend (well, message a friend) about anything you're stuck on: how to light a scene during the winter, which presets people are using, or where to source the prettiest props. 

Did someone post a photo you love? Ask the creator how they created it! If you LIKE a photo you took but don't LOVE it, ask for feedback and suggestions! And don't be afraid to just play Mandy and post tips! This is a journey, friends, and journeys are best when they're shared.

Join and post here, lovelies

All my love and cuddles,



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