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Styling Tips featuring the Modernist Surfaces

Styling Tips featuring the Modernist Surfaces

The Modernist Surfaces are brand new and feature elements we've never incorporated before. So let's talk about unique ways to style them before they drop this Friday!

The invisible riser trick

Sometimes when styling a scene that includes many flat elements, the final photo can feel just that... flat.

To add a bit of height to a scene without incorporating additional elements, you can use invisible risers to give height to your existing subjects or props. What's an "invisible riser"? It's anything you place beneath or behind an element in your scene to prop it up, while remaining fully hidden.

In the photos above, you can see how we used invisible risers (in the forms of stones and a wooden block) to prop up our subject and two of the leaves in the scene. This makes a huge impact in the final photo, and it a great trick to keep in mind when working with any short/flat elements.


Versatility of Latte Leaves

The best parts about this Modernist Surface? It's our first ever "shadow" surface, and you can orient it on any side for a different look. 

In the photos above, you can see 4 examples of orientations for Latte Leaves. This Surface really allows you to get creative and experimental with styling. 


A new take on a hero shot

The hero shot is a common styling concept for a reason. The simplicity allows all focus to be on your subject, while the low camera angle makes your subject look powerful.

To get creative with your next hero shot, try adding an arch!

For the final photo above, we placed a wooden arch in the foreground and lowered our tripod just a bit, tilting our camera upward. We love how the added element of the arch creates a sort of "tunnel vision" effect and really draws the eye straight to the subject. 


Ready for the Modernist Collection to drop? Friday, October 13th at 10 am CST is go time. Check out the full Collection here and narrow down your wish list: Once these Surfaces sell out, they're retiring forever!


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