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How to throw the best party of the year (hint: it's a styling party)

How to throw the best party of the year (hint: it's a styling party)

New Year's Eve is decent and the Super Bowl is pretty good. But you want to know the best party of the year? YOUR styling party. Take a second and think of all your pals. I'm guessing you know at least one other person who could use some new content for their website or Instagram account. So why not put a fire under all of your photo bottoms and create that content together? Here's how to throw a killer styling party:


  1. Invite your favorite humans over. Keep the number small if space is limited, and go wild with the guest list if you have access to a large communal space or you've got the square footage. Remember, everyone needs space to spread out their 'drops and props.
  2. Make sure no one arrives empty handed! You'll provide the refreshments if everyone brings their favorite backdrops (here's where portable ones like Replica Surfaces are clutch) and styling props. Encourage them to raid their cupboards, closets, and gardens.
  3. Create a central area where backdrops and props can hang out when not in use. If anyone is concerned about losing their items, assign them a color and have them put those little colored dot stickers on the underside.
  4. Hand out the glasses, pour the bubbles (champagne or Topo Chico - it's your call), and get snapping!


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