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Must-have tips to crush your 2020 photo content

Product and food photos are HARD! All those beautiful shots you see on Instagram and Pinterest? You better believe a ton of trial and error and practice went into them looking so flawless! While we mere photo mortals may never hit "flawless" status, we can get close by doing what the pros do!

After you've internalized these babies and given a couple of them a shot, head over to the Replica Facebook VIP Community and post it up! The VIP Community is your place to ask for photo advice, learn from other members, and lift each other up. Because the photo struggle is real and we're in this together!

All of the photos are clickable links, too, in case you feel like recreating the shot yourself. Let's dive right in!


Slow (eliminate) your roll

replica surfaces photo tips fruit styling

Whole, in-season fruit is such a visually appealing styling prop that can be used to style so many scenes - food, beauty, product, handmade, anything. I really can't think of a prop that captures the vibe of the season better. To prevent whole fruit (like these pretty poms) from rolling, slice off the bottom so it lays flat. Struggling with rings or other un-sliceable items rolling? Use a piece of sticky tack (yep, that blue putty stuff from 2nd grade) to hold them in place!


Plate on a diag

replica surfaces photo tips food styling backdrops background

For a unique take on the multi-plate scene, arrange plates of different sizes, colors, and textures diagonally across your backdrop. Try placing your main dish on one plate and "serve" portions on the others. Fill in gaps with utensils, serving ware, fabric napkins, and bevvies. Communal, inviting, and visually satisfying!


Flat lay goes vertical

replica surfaces photo tips flower styling backdrops background

Just because you're shooting from above doesn't mean you can't create a wall effect! Start by choosing a backdrop that simulates a wall (I'm partial to shiplap and other woods). Next, "hang" your object. Try placing dried flowers partially off frame (like in this photo) or "hanging" a bag or piece of jewelry from a hook placed at the top edge of your backdrop. Or my personal favorite: write a note-to-self on a piece of paper. Cut the sharp piece off of a plastic thumbtack and use the plastic nubbin to "post" your note to the wall. I know, pretty adorable!


Embrace the negative

replica surfaces photo photography styling tips backdrops background

Negative space, that is. I've mentioned this one on Instagram before but it deserves extra love. Negative space is created when you purposely leave a large section of your scene prop-free. This creates a hyper-clean look that helps the viewer zone in on the star of your photo.

Here, props fill the left side of frame, then "taper" toward the middle until leaving the entire right side blank. Opt for a lightly textured backdrop (Shiplap pictured here). This technique works beautifully for food, beauty, oils, and so much more.

And that's that! Want more photography tips? Click here for my how-tos on creating depth in your photos, and shooting in natural light.