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Haven't received your package?

My tracking says my package was delivered but I can't find it

That’s a pain. I completely understand how frustrating this can be and we’re going to get this taken care of. Following these steps will get your Surfaces into your hands ASAP! 


Check in unexpected locations: This includes side doors, back porches, bushes, garages, or other places that might protect your package from theft or weather. If you live in a multi-unit building, it may have been left with the leasing office or in a package room. Still can't find it? Check with others at your address, or perhaps a neighbor, to see if someone else has picked up the package. Note that drivers may also use plastic bags to protect your package from the weather. No luck? Continue to step 2.

Step 2

Check the delivery address: It's so easy to make a typo. I should know because I had dog food sent to my old address a week before writing this! The best way to verify the delivery address is to open your most recent shipping email from Replica Surfaces. If the address is not correct, see step 3. If it is correct, skip to step 5.

Step 3

Contact the person at the address you entered: From my experience, most people are happy to hand over your packages! If you aren't able to retrieve the package from them, continue to step 4.

Step 4

Contact us: If you aren't able to retrieve your package from the recipient, contact us at and we'll do everything we can to retrieve it. Please provide your order number, tracking number, and correct address so we can help get your Surfaces to you as quickly as possible! 

Step 5

Wait 48 hours: Occasionally, packages can get marked "delivered" while they're still in transit. 99% of the time, the package gets delivered within 24-48 hours. I know it's a pain to wait and I promise couriers are doing everything they can to get your package to you during this chaotic time. If it's been more than 48 hours since your package was marked "delivered", continue to step 6.

Step 6

Contact us: If it's been more than 48 hours since your package was marked "delivered," contact us at and we'll take care of you. Please provide your order number and tracking number so we can get your Surfaces to you as quickly as possible!

Have other questions about your order? Pop an email to We love hearing from you and are ready to help!

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